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What is covered by the manufacturer's warranty?
The manufacturer's warranty covers defects in the workmanship and the components of the bicycle, risks of damages during the transportation of bicycles, completely assembled and sold by an authorized Ferrini dealer. Ferrini bicycles will be referred as "Product" in the sections below.
How long period does the manufacturer's warranty cover?
The manufacturer's warranty is limited to a period of 2 (two) years from the date of purchase of the Product. It is applied only to the first purchaser of the Product. Transfer of the Product from the first purchaser to another terminates this warranty.
The warranty can be extended to a period of 3 (three) years for the frames and forks (provided if the fork of Ferrini) in case of online registration in the "Register your bike" page. The extended warranty will be applied only for Products purchased and registered after February 9, 2015, provided if online registration is done within 14 days from the date of purchase.
The manufacturer's warranty will be applied only if the maintenance requirements and rules are fulfilled in accordance to the manual instructions and the recommendations of the authorized Ferrini dealers.
The yearly maintenance has to be verified with signature and stamp. In case this procedure is skipped, the warranty period is decreased from 3 (three) to 2 (two) years.
The warranty covers repaired or replaced Product for the remaining portion of the original warranty period, to the extent permitted by the law.
All warranties are limited to a period of maximum 3 (three) years (if an online bicycle registration is made), respectively 2 (two) years, from the date of purchase, unless the the law explicitly states a shorter period, and are limited to the original owner of the Product.

What Will Ferrini do?
Ferrini will replace with a Product of similar kind and quality or repair any defective Product, or will refund your purchase price (as evidenced by your receipt for the purchased Product). The charges in connection with the replacement of any non-defective parts are covered by the owner of the Product. In such a case, you will be informed about the exigency of replacing the non-defective parts, so that you can prioritize your expenses.
What is not covered by this manufacturer's warranty?
The warranty does not cover:
-Products used in rental operations;
-Racing, test and demonstration bikes (demo bikes);
-Purchases of not completely assembled bikes;
-Defects in result of - accidents, neglect, improper handling, abuse, misuse, improper assembly;
-Defects in result of - non-compliance with recommended maintenance and care procedures;
-Defects in result of - improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs performed by someone other than an authorized Ferrini dealer;
-Defects in result of - use of parts or devices not consistent with the Product, and alteration of the Product.

The warranty does not cover defects, due to normal wear and tear of the components:
-Tyres and tubes;
-Brake pads;
-V brake pads;
-Cables, capsules (metal, plastic);
-Bicycle light;

All Products come with an users' manual. Please follow carefully the instructions in it or affixed elsewhere to the Product. To the extent permitted by law, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable by this warranty.

How Do You Make a Claim Under this Warranty?
To make or file a claim under this warranty, your first step should be to contact Ferrini or/and your local authorized Ferrini dealer of the claimed defect within the warranty period. Second, timely return the Product to Ferrini for inspection. Please contact your authorized Ferrini dealer, call Ferrini's customer service. All returned Products must be accompanied by your proof of purchase (usually that is the receipt) from an authorized Ferrini dealer.
A copy of the Protocol for Product return (you can find it at the back of the manual) will stay in Ferrini dealer after being received and signed from the owner of the Product. It is mandatory to show the protocol when handing over defect part in case of filing a warranty claim, as well as proof of purchase, in other case the warranty is void.

How does different laws affect your warranty rights?
The warranty provides you with specific rights and you might have other rights which are specific for each country.
We strongly recommend that you use only authorized Ferrini dealers for yearly maintenance services and repairs, as improperly or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs void the warranty.